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Kraferd prides itself on creating innovative, unique, and effective approaches to marketing and development.
We’re firm believers in seeing things differently and taking on each project from a one of a kind approach!

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Mobile App Development

Not being mobile compatible is a mistake you can’t afford to make. With so much of our time spent on mobile devices, having an app that people can easily access on their phone is crucial. We create one of a kind mobile apps that not only show off your product but standout from the competition.

Product Development

From the front-end to the back-end, the Kraferd Development Team creates effective and efficient software designs. No matter what your product needs are, our experienced team is ready to create. 


Your business is only as successful as the marketing campaign built around it. We’ll cover everything from traditional and print forms of marketing to social media, SEO, and digital formats

Revolutionize how
you implement timekeeping.

No more confusing timecards, lost requests, or missing punches. With Ronos, managing your teams’ hours is easier than ever.

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